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Roll out the fun with AirHeads Candy. A sure crowd-pleaser, this variety pack offers over six dozen bars with a rich mix of assorted flavors.

What's in AirHeads Candy?

AirHeads is a chewy, taffy-like candy that's made with bright appealing colors and sealed with a delicious mix of tongue-pleasing flavors for a scrumptious treat. A single bar contains less than 100 calories, which makes it easier to fit into your day.

What are the best AirHeads Candy Flavors?

AirHeads candy comes in a variety of intense, fruity flavors including grape, strawberry-watermelon, green apple and blue raspberry. Try some cherry-flavored candy or enjoy the goodness of some grape. Add some zest to your day with some orange or chomp on some sweet strawberry. And for a really delicious challenge, try Airheads' legendary White Mystery candy. It's made with a secret flavor. Have some chewy fun figuring it out.

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