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Caramel Apple Candied Pecan...

Hoot-n-Annie’s Caramel Apple™ candied pecans taste like a sunlit hayride through an apple orchard on an autumn afternoon! We blend smooth apple cider, cinnamon sugar, golden apple chips, and caramel clusters with our slow-roasted premium pecans for a flavorful caramel apple candy experience. Perfect for giftin’, each bag arrives in a house-printed 100% cotton satchel with a tamper-evident zip-top bag inside to ensure our pecans taste as fresh as the day they were slow-roasted in our store. Ready to arrange in bountiful baskets or hung on high-vis racks, each satchel is hand-tied with a slip loop and barcoded tag for flexibility in display. All Hoot-n-Annie Pecan Company® brand gourmet food products are proudly made on-site in small batches using locally-sourced pecans.  
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